I Love You....... The Uninvited 2008 HOME


 May  Palos Park Rec Center 8901 W 123rd St

7:30 Friday and Saturday, 2:00 Sunday

Tickets $12 ( $2 off for Seniors and Students)

Call 708-479-3262 for tickets

  Look in at “The Cloisters”, an institution for the gently dysfunctional, and you’ll not find a funnier, sweeter, more moving cast of characters.  Mrs. Savage is being committed by her three wealthy stepchildren due to her "crazy" notion that she should spend her late husband's wealth any way she pleases.  When she arrives, she finds all of the inmates marching to their own drummers, yet doing so in harmony.   


Joyce Eddy                    Mrs. Paddy

Ken Evans                               Titus 

Bruce Fredrick                   Samuel

Justin Haak                           Jeff

Kevin Haines " Rubiks"      Hannibal

Ellen Micotto                   Lily Belle

Lori Nussle                   Mrs. Savage

Lori Rubino                  Miss Willie

Chris Sarlas                   Dr. Emmett

Meghan Sterling                 Florence

Sandra Wagner                Fairy Mae

Director:   Carol Kearney            Asst. Director:  Peg Crawford